Monday, February 11, 2008

Willing Servants Quartet in Jackson

This past Saturday we traveled over to Jackson, MI and spent the afternoon with Pastor Mike Channell and the folks at Faith Baptist Church. Despite the cold and the snow outside, the warmth of sweet fellowship with God's people was wonderful inside!
The guys did a great job ministering in song. They even sang a new song (to them) "He Lifted My Burdens", that talks about how Christ took away our sins and washed us clean. We almost have enough songs to do a recording; maybe in a couple of months.
After the quartet sang, I preached a message on "Being Blessed Believing the Bible" - say that 10 times fast.
After the services the folks from the church took us to Denny's restaurant for a lunch/dinner. Boy was that chicken sandwich good!!!!! If I would have had my camera, I would have taken a picture of it sitting next to those seasoned fries, and put it in this post. Oh well, you'll just have to imagine it going in my mouth... hmmmmmmm good!!!!!! I guess you'll have to settle for this picture taken on my wife's Palm phone. Yes, we forgot the camera.