Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Out of the Loop this past Sunday

Well, this past Sunday was an odd one for me. It really was surreal being present for the services and not take part. I joked with Bro. Lentz just before the morning offering was taken, that maybe I could assist in taking up the offering. However, there was an upside to it. I was able to worship out of the spotlight, so to speak. I actually stood and sat in my office with a hymn book open an followed along with the congregation, and as they sang out loud, I sang in my heart. I enjoyed Bro. Lentz's Sunday School lesson on how teens ought to honor and obey their parents. Bro. Rowland did a fine job preaching both morning and evening sermons. The Lord greatly blessed.

I went to the doctor on Monday and got some medications. The doctor said I had the beginning signs of pneumonia, so I was prescribed some pretty powerful meds to take effect with full force. My voice was somewhat better on Monday, but after a rough Monday night, today it was a little worse. We went ahead and held one of the three institute classes today. My voice was well spent by the end of just that one class. Continue to pray with me that the meds will really kick in and that my voice will return to normal. Lord willing, I'll be back in the pulpit next Sunday.