Saturday, March 08, 2008

Bible Institute News

Even though I posted this on my personal blog, I figured I would place it here as well.

The Bible Institute classes are going very well. Bro. Matt Rowland is progressing in his studies and with just over a year to go, he's earnestly pressing toward the mark. It has been good to have Bro. Tom Cavanaugh taking a class during each semester as well. Last semester he took Bibliology and this semester he's taking the Book of Daniel. I think it's good for Bro. Matt to have another person in class. I like it too.
I'm hoping some of our high school seniors will consider taking some classes next year. I'm prepared to teach a specific "one year" study for high school graduates to attend prior to any secular school they may be planning to attend. I've always believed that even if a graduate is not going to four years of Bible college, they should take one year first, then go to a community college, or the like, for their career. I have the right courses for them to take. I pray they will take advantage of them. The worldly minded would say that would be a waste of time. Truth says, it's a solid investment to help prepare them for what's ahead.
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