Wednesday, July 09, 2008

God's Mercies Are New Every Morning

This morning I woke up not really looking forward to the next few days. Not that I'm not excited about going to camp next week. It's the two weeks before that are so overwhelming. I won't bore you with those details. You wouldn't believe me anyway.
As I was getting going this morning I was listening to Legacy Five's new CD "God's Been Good". The chorus to one song got my attention. Here are the words:

Every morning His mercies are new.
Every morning God is smiling on you.
Give Him glory in everything you do.
This is the day God has made.
Be encouraged He is working His plan
To turn it all around like only He can.
If you think you’ve run out of grace,
He’s got more, more each day you face;
For His mercies are new every morning.

Another song says, "The moment I get up there, I'll forget down here." Wow! What a thought.

The Lord immediately reminded me that all the trials down here will be long forgotten in heaven. Of all that we do down here, only those things that have eternal value will matter up there! Kind of puts things in perspective. With all the water problems we've had at church and the parsonage this past week - and they're not over - I know that the Lord has a purpose for them. He is in control and I know He can - He will turn things around like only He can. There's more grace day after day to get through the trials. He's got more each day we face!

I am so excited about camp next week, but if I'm not careful, I'll let the problems down here (Flat Rock) block all the anticipation of what's going to happen up there (Camp). That's how I applied that to me at this moment.

Whatever you're going through, if you're His child, His mercies are new every morning. Give Him the praise and glory He deserves. He will come through for you.

By His grace and in His grip,

Pastor Hugan