Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Do you know what gossips are? Gossips are people who rejoice in iniquity. They love to tell something. And yet when you love someone, as First Corinthians 13:6 says, you "rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth."

By the way, it is not an honor to you if somebody gossips to you. They want to use your ears for garbage cans. Like a lady said, “You know, my pastor said, ‘Don’t say anything unless it’s good’, and boy, is this good.” They rejoice to spread news that is not theirs to spread.

Gossips seem to be glad about injustice. They seem to delight in saying bad things about other people. You tell them something bad and they say “Aw, that’s too bad. That’s too bad. Is there anything else?”

A wise man has said, “Before you listen to anything about someone else, before you say anything, you make it pass through these three gates: 1) Is it true?, 2) Is it kind?, 3) Is it necessary?”

John 13:34-35 says, "A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another."