Tuesday, June 12, 2007

FRMBC Kids Soccer Has Successful Kick-Off

Tonight's start of the FRMBC Kids Soccer "season" was nothing short of a GREAT time! Nine kids participated in the first game.

Bro. Matt Rowland started them out with some instructions, then an opening prayer, and they were ready to play; and boy did they play! Both teams did a tremendous job on offense and defense. There were several times when both goalies made spectacular saves. At half-time the score was 3-0, the green team was in the lead.

During half-time, the kids were able to get refreshed with some Hi-C and water. The kids took a break on the front lawn and Bro. Rowland gave a brief Bible devotion. After prayer the second half began.

The red team shut down the green team in the second half and even scored a point. However, they came up short and the green team won 3-1. Everyone had a great time and they are all looking forward to the next game two weeks from tonight.

(Note: Click on the pictures to enlarge them.)