Friday, September 05, 2008

Fall is Here and so is Ministry

Last night was the kick-off to our "school-year" ministries.

Discovery Bible Clubs is off to it's 14th year here at FRMBC. This ministry has been a real blessing to our church over the years and though we've seen many kids come and go, it is a great outreach to children. Several of our young adults that are active members in our church came to DBCs as children. God has
greatly used this ministry. The attendance slumps a bit during the summer months. Now that the summer is ended, we're hoping to see kids return to the routine of Thursday night DBCs and Sunday morning Sunday School and church service.

ProTeens is back in action as well. With ProTeens Delta Force on Wednesday nights and ProTeens Sigma Clubs on Thursday nights, the teens receive helpful instruction and enjoy great fellowship.

Our College & Career Bible Study Fellowship got off to a great start. We just received the devotion books in the mail yesterday. Folks didn't have the opportunity to go through them before our meeting, but we discussed one of the devotions "off the cuff" so to speak. We had a great time of spiritual food, as well as a bit of physical food as we fellowshipped.

We are looking forward to seeing the Lord bless mightily in and through these ministries! To read more about these and other ministries at FRMBC click here.